Sunday, March 30, 2003

Want want want...

Remember those great games of the 80's that you had to head to your nearest arcade or pizza joint to play?
Well, I just found this great site that emulates some of those games right from their website, so if you are ready to take a step back in time, check out cottAGE's site HERE and have fun!

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Hi karlie!!!

Look, he waves now!
I just stuck a few more things in the "art" section of this site... They are computer models that I made using a relatively simple program called Modeler... They are my first attempts at doing this so they are a bit rough around the edges... It's been a learning experience for sure. Very fun to do I must say... I would like to get more into this some day but the learning curve on most of the proggies out there is pretty steep, so it will probably be some time before you see the really cool stuff.. hehehe I'm tryin' though! :o)

Saturday, March 22, 2003

I don't know how to explain this next website... I will try as usual though... hehehe

The Big T... He's a sock monkey, sure but he's a sock monkey on a mission... To entertain, take requests, do bad reenactments and some even worse impressions but I was glued to my monitor and I'm a thinkin' you may be too when you watch this plush toy go to town all in the name of entertainment!

Click the monkey!!!

That last blog from yesterday seemed sad, sorry, it really wasn't at all...

It's all good here!!! :O)

Thanks for any concerns

Friday, March 21, 2003

We didn’t' want today to come...
Who would?
Having to make such a decision... Who has that power anyway?
Well, we do, as would any other person with such a sick puppy...
Sending his soul on will make him the happiest we're sure
but the physical...
a lifeless body that will stay as he leaves makes it so hard to pull that buzzing plug...

Lifeless body:

A reminder of days of youth,
reminder of ball retrieving goofiness,
reminder of spanking for digging in the lawn,
reminder of selfless companionship,
reminder of all the good things and all the bad things, all at the same time...

And then that damn lifeless body still lies...

Time for a new beginning buddy boy,
We can't wait for you to run and chase in the green rolling fields... Good boy!
Say hi to Sebastian for us!

Body forgotten:

Only the memories now and an occasional feeling that he's here,
right here visiting us,
bringing a smile to our faces,
a chill to our beings and it's all good baby!

Now where is that ball of yours?

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Here is a great site... It kept me busy for a very long time the other day... I mean, I found the site, clicked around for what seemed like maybe a half hour and when I looked up at my martini clock to see what time it was, I had been in there for a good hour and a half!!! That cracks me up... One time I was at the Exploratorium in San Francisco..... We walked in those doors and I was like a kid in a candy store... So much to play with, do and learn and what seemed like MAYBE two hours, was in reallity, SIX!!!! It was like a time warp... Six hours is a long time man and we both had no clue... Go figure... Anyway, Click here for a fun site about bad movies...
I have a question to anyone that might find these obscure ramblings of mine... Would you like to reply to them? Have you ever wanted to just write your own ramblings and ideas down on my blog from time to time? Do you ever want to leave me any sort of anything without getting the email client out? If so, please send me your thinkin's... You will have to use your email this time... Sorry...

Sunday, March 09, 2003

A few Months ago I did something cool...
Well, "cool" is a bit subjective of course but I was impressed! hehehe... First off, I always jump from the lobby side of the front counter at Postal Plus to the back side of it. Kinda like I'm hurtling over a fence or something like that... No big deal, just a little fun in the midst of a normal day at work. Well, My Sister and Bro-in-law where in that day, along with my "Almost" 2 year old Nephew, Jeffrey. We where messing around out in the lobby for a little bit playing with toys and some other of our gifts and then decided to head back into the back room. What do I do? Yeah, jump over the counter as usual. As I am flying through the air, I hear about 3 people say, "Noooooo! Whatch out for Jeffrey!" I look down and sure enough, innocent as can be, he is walking right under me, where I'm supposed to land. (Mind you, I am still in the air!) The only thing I can think of is to spread my legs, doing the splits in mid air and land on two seprate counter tops.. My Left food plopped down first on the back counter and my right came down a split second later on the front counter. It was beautiful though I say so myself! I looked like an actor in a Karate movie for sure! AMAZING I TELL YOU!!! The most wonderful part about the whole thing is that Everyone in the building including a couple of Customers saw the ballet and told me how much they enjoyed it! Jeffrey the nephew, didn't even know anything happend... He just kept on walking and I jumped down and we all had a good laugh. Heeeeyaaaa!

Friday, March 07, 2003

hahaha This is more fun that humans should be allowed really... CLICK ME!!!
Off to have Martini's, Cosmo's and Pizza!!! Ta ta!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2003

I found this really fun game site called the other day and I thought ya all might wanna give it a try... You can actually win real $$$... If you figure that out, lemme know cuz I haven't won dit yet... Play the Price is Right!!! It's the coolest!!!

This is an article from the Weekly World News... I'm afraid, and you should be too!!!

LONDON -- Most theoretical physicists now believe time travel is possible and will be achieved within the next 5,000 years -- meaning your next door neighbor could be from the future and you may not even know it!

"Beyond scientific theory, there is tangible evidence of human time travel," notes one top British physicist.

"Objects known as anachronisms have been found out of their appropriate time, ranging from electric batteries dug up in ancient Greek ruins to a modern-type digital watch left behind in a Chicago hotel room in 1925."

And some experts calculate that the number of time travelers now operating in the United States could number anywhere from several hundred to 8,000.

"Why they've come back is a mystery. They could be trying to alter the past -- or they might just have chosen to live in a simpler era," says the expert.

Clever time travelers must do everything possible to fit in. But here, from experts, are 9 telltale signs that the Joneses are really the Jetsons:

1. Lack of body hair -- Modern humans are less hairy than cavemen and evolution experts predict people of the future will be even less hairy.

2. Great stock tips -- While time travelers may conceal their wealth and pose as ordinary middle-class suburbanites, their ability to "guess" which stocks are will go through the roof may strike you as uncanny.

3. Missing pinky toe -- Scientists say that as man continues to evolve, our pinky toes will gradually disappear over the next thousand years.

4. Wins Super Bowl pool and other sports bets unusually often.

5. Slips of the tongue -- May refer to current events or people in the past tense, for example, saying, "Boy, George Clooney sure was a great actor."

6. Cryptic warnings -- For instance, "When you take that trip to New York on September 11, it might be a good idea to visit the Empire State Building instead of the World Trade Center -- just trust me on this one."

7. Pet dog belongs to an unknown "mystery" breed -- Your neighbor will probably counter that the unusual-looking pooch is "just a mutt."

8. Strange gadgets around the house -- Though they'll try to keep them out of sight, you may come across unidentified devices under sofa cushions.

9. Uses out-of-date slang -- Despite efforts to study our time period, they may mistakenly use phrases that are a few decades off, such as "Groovy."


If your internet surfing has been slow, full of pop up ads or anything other than the norm., you must try ad-aware. It's a free program that scans your computer for files that have been put there by different web sites you may have visited or programs you have installed. The files in question can pop up ads on your computer, even when not online, they can check out where you have surfed and send that info to the parent site or person, re-direct you to a different site other than the one you are trying to get to and some of these files can even alow other people to get into your computer so they can do dammage or steal sensitive information... So, just go to ad-aware's website by clicking HERE and download the free program. You must, it's free and it works great! I sound like a commercial but dang it, it's a must do for all of you!!!

Bruce Jenner cracks me up...

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Ok, I just heard from a good source that Michael Jackson is planning some sort of "Mad Voodoo Curse" on something, someone or whatever... Anyone hear about this yet? I'm going to go searching the net to see what I can dig up on this matter. Sounds interesting to say the least. I'm not surprised really the more that I think on this. I mean, a ton of people have come down on the poor King of Pop lately and no matter how tough the guy is, it's gotta hurt a bunch... Do ya think maybe he's going to go after that dude that did that piece on him from England, Martin Bashir? Or maybe England it's self? Maybe all reporters!!! Well, as long as it keep his youngest child "Blanket" safe, it's all worth it... Curse on Michael, Curse on...

Here is a site on the history of his face while you wait for the scoop... CLICK ME!!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

I just found this test as I was leaving for the bank. Thought I would take it and see how messed up I really am... Not to shabby actually... Give it a try!

-- Click Here To Take The Test --

is just one of those tests to see how
easy it would be to add html to my blog. So far, so good... Let's try a pic.

Allrighty then. I'm off to the bank. Yeah! How fun!!!

Monday, March 03, 2003

There, see, it wasn't later, I changed the links on the left there sooner... I'm amazed myself. Someone send me a prize Pleassseeeeee!!!! :o)
Just one more before I go... The links on the left here, I didn't put them there... They are the default links that puts on the blog pages... I will change those sooner or later, probably later... Give 'em a whirle, maybe they rock!
Now this is my second Blog just because I know that two blogs are better than one... Now I can ramble huh? Hmmmmmm, I guess I will have to appologize ahead of time for my future ramblings. Sorry!!! No I'm not...
Ok, this is my first Blog ever... How fun! I didn't know what a blog was until late last night as I sat up late watching Tech TV's "Call for Help" and Low and Behold they did a piece on Blogging... Blog is short for "Web Log", well, sorta short... At least it's just one word. :o) Ok, I now hit this button here, and it's done. Cool!